What's up Doc?

Featuring our Rey Coyote Tequila Blanco,this specialty cocktail is bursting with flavor and accompanied by a spicy kick. Crafted with care and shaken to perfection, this tantalizing libation combines the zesty notes of lemon with the earthy sweetness of carrot juice.

For a fiery twist, two slices of cored jalapeno add just the right amount of heat. Served in a Tajin-rimmed coupe glass and garnished with a carrot slice, “What’s up Doc?” is the perfect way to celebrate the season in style.

Let’s make it!


1.5 oz carrot juice
3/4 oz lemon juice
1 oz. agave
2 jalapeño slices (cored)


Step 1
Combine in mixing tin.
Step 2
Hard Shake (30 seconds or longer).
Step 3
Strain in Tajin rimmed coupe glass.
Step 4
Garnish with carrot slice.