Our Spirits

Handcrafted in North Carolina


Best in Show, Best North Carolina Whiskey, and Best in Category at the 2021 Heartland Whiskey Competition. This is an American Whiskey that drinks similar to an Irish Whiskey, with notes of caramel and vanilla. This Whiskey is perfect for your standard highball cocktail.

Weldon Orchards Caramel Green Apple Whiskey

People’s Choice Award Winner at the 2021 East Coast Craft Spirit Awards. This is a caramel green apple spirit that tastes like a state fair in your mouth. Sure to make anyone smile, this sweet spirit is a must have for your collection. Drink it on the rocks, in a hot toddy, daiquiri, mimosa, or on top of your favorite dessert. The options are endless for this best seller!

Weldon Orchards Peach Elderflower Whiskey

This is a Peach and Elderflower infused Whiskey that delivers on the classic Georgia Peach flavor and smoothed by the Elderflower to deliver a truly unique offering. It is perfect served over a cube of ice.

Sweet & High Maple Whiskey

From the mountains of Virginia’s Highland County, world renowned for its superior Maple Syrup, comes Sweet & High Maple Whiskey. As close to nature a Whiskey has ever embraced.

Southern Roots

This is a sweet potato flavored American Whiskey that drinks similar to a Canadian Whiskey, with notes of caramel and brown sugar. This Whiskey is perfect for your standard highball cocktail.


Silver medal winner at both the 2020 East Coast Craft Spirit Awards and the 2021 San Diego Wine and Spirits Challenge. The first rhubarb gin produced in the US. Popular in the UK, rhubarb gin blends a unique mix of sweet, tart and juniper flavors. This gin allows you to be a craft cocktail mixologist with ease.

Bourbon Barrel Gin

This unexpected marriage combines the rich taste profiles of our award-winning bourbon with the lighter, botanical flavors of our specialty crafted Gin. Leaving this product in a category all its own.

House Gin

Silver Medal Winner at the 2021 Bartender Spirit Awards. This is a top shelf gin at a well brand price. Begins with a hint of cucumber, muted juniper notes, with a spice blend finish.

House Vodka

Looking for a premium vodka at an affordable price? Look no further than our Weldon Mills House Vodka. This no frills vodka comes with tons of flavor and was a silver medal winner at the 2021 Bartender Spirit Awards.


For the last 40 years, people have loved cinnamon shot liquor and WMD will not disappoint! This green monster is best pulled out of the fridge and served as a shot, but mixes well also. Tastes like big red chewing gum.

Clap Of Thunder Rum

Clap Of Thunder Rum, 80 proof, is an homage to North Carolina’s days of Blackbeard rummaging the Outer Banks. Distilled and Bottled in North Carolina, Clap Of Thunder White Rum is meant for the noble and rugged. Consumed Straight or in your favorite cocktail, this Rum will deliver on the history and legend Rum has always personified.