Introducing Rey Coyote Tequila from Weldon Mills Distillery

A confluence of Artisanship and Artistry

Generational family ownership has allowed for continuous outstanding qualityand tradition of these Tequilas since 1844. REY COYOTE is the latest manifestation of a love affair with real Tequila. REY COYOTE is 90 Proof, distilled and mellowed in an age-old, small-batch fashion, resulting in a palate expression unlike any other. Unlike many Tequila brands today, we do not aerate, chill filter, or filter through charcoal, stripping the liquid of character. The combination of aroma, character, and flavor envisioned by its creators has been achieved.



A sipping tequila, elegant and floral that can be enjoyed in a shot, cocktail or any way your heart desires.



Finished in Weldon Mills Bourbon barrels, REY COYOTE REPOSADO delivers hints of honey, cinnamon, vanilla and caramel in proportions unlike any other. Enjoy Neat to fully experience its great nature.



The renowned Mexican street artist Neuzz is the creator of the REY COYOTE artwork and label. The sharing of his great talent and vision could not be more emblematic of his love for Tequila and its deep-seated relationship with his Mexican lineage.

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