Our Lineup of Award-Winning Bourbons

Handcrafted in North Carolina

Handcrafted in North Carolina, using only the finest locally grown ingredients. Our award-winning bourbons offer something for every palate. Rest assured, quality awaits in every bottle.

The All Malt

110 Proof

This Limited Production Ultra-Premium Barrel Proof Bourbon Whiskey has no equal. The All Malt is the only bourbon in America made with all malted grains. The complexity and depth of flavor are unmatched. If you love bourbon, you will not want to miss the release of The All Malt!


110 Proof

Weldon Mills Reserve Bourbon Whiskey is a barrel-proof, full-bodied bourbon. We use the finest NC corn, malted wheat, malted barley, and water from the mighty Roanoke River when making our bourbon sour mash. Our Master Distiller makes his cuts just right on our small batch equipment, resulting in a premium bourbon that has taken top honors in many international blind-tasting competitions. If you enjoy a bold traditional bourbon, this is the choice for you. Awarded Best Bourbon at the 2022 San Diego Wine and Spirits Challenge and Best Cask Strength Bourbon at the Olympics of Whiskey Competitions, the 2021 International Whiskey Competition!


94 Proof

The newest addition to our lineup of bourbons, this 94 proof bourbon uses the finest North Carolina corn, malted wheat and malted barley paired with the pristine waters of the Roanoke River, giving it a full barrel taste but a silky, smooth finish.

Soldier's Cut

82 Proof

This 82 proof bourbon, honoring the 82nd Airborne Division and raising money for Gold Star Families, is our lightest offering. This award-winning bourbon is flavorful with a satisfying finish that can be enjoyed neat or mixed in a cocktail.