hand crafted in North Carolina 110 Proof

Weldon Mills Reserve Bourbon Whiskey is a barrel-proof, full-bodied bourbon. We use the finest NC corn, malted wheat, malted barley, and water from the mighty Roanoke River when making our bourbon sour mash.  Our Master Distiller makes his cuts just right on our small batch equipment, resulting in a premium bourbon that has taken top honors in many international blind-tasting competitions.  If you enjoy a bold traditional bourbon, this is the choice for you. Awarded Best Bourbon at the 2022 San Diego Wine and Spirits Challenge and Best Cask Strength Bourbon at the Olympics of Whiskey Competitions, the 2021 International Whiskey Competition!

Tasting Notes

Chocolate covered raisins in a glass? Yes please! Just the right amount of oak, too, and a surprisingly gentle finish. As the French say, “J’e love”… or something.

Distiller with guages

Handcrafted In North Carolina

Less than three years operating and yet, stunning results. Weldon Mills Distillery has become the #1 Micro-Distillery in America, seen its bourbons win Double Gold and an array of other awards in an extraordinarily competitive environment. We are on a mission to enhance life’s moments big and small, by offering the world’s best bourbon experience through a lineup of elegant products with unrivaled quality and craftsmanship.