Strawberry Blueberry Iced Tea

Our Strawberry Blueberry Iced Tea is a refreshing blend of Weldon Mills Rockfish Whiskey, sliced strawberries, lemon juice, blueberry syrup, and unsweetened iced tea. Served over ice, it’s a delightful balance of fruity sweetness and whiskey kick, perfect for any occasion. Enjoy the vibrant flavors in every sip!

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Let’s make it!


4 oz sliced strawberries
1 oz lemon juice
1.5 oz blueberry simple syrup
5 oz unsweetened Iced tea


Step 1
Slice 4 strawberries and add to shaker with blueberry simple syrup and lemon juice, then muddle.
Step 2
Add Weldon Mills Rockfish Whiskey, stir and pour into highball glass with ice.
Step 3
Add iced tea and stir.